Festung Marienberg, Würzburg

A couple more Würzburg posts before I get to München….

The whole city here is overlooked by the Festung Marienberg, high above the river and surrounded by wine farmers. The history of the castle dates all the way back to the 700s AD, when a church was built on the sight of an ancient Celtic fortification. It eventually served as the residence of Würzburg’s Fürstbischof until 1719, when it was ditched for the much-more-classy Residenz in the main city.

View of the castle from downtown Würzburg.

The entrance, under the outer wall. Once inside, past two walls, moat, and drawbridge, one had the feeling of complete security. Anna, the whole place was definitely reminiscent of something out of Lord of the Rings…

The moat, now dry, as seen from the bridge.

The main gate.

Before the bridge.

The water cisterns.

Inside the chapel.

The innermost keep, most likely the last place of defense if the castle fell.

The views over the walls of the city were breathtaking and entirely un-transferrable to cheap digital camera.

Deutsches Essen I

Würzburg is full of tiny food shops that open onto the street, from bakeries and butchers to gelati and tea. Most popular, however, seem to be Döner, which ironically are not actually German, but Turkish. The main item is a sort of very large sandwich, which is composed of lamb, veal, cacik sauce (yoghurt base with garlic, mint, dill, and cucumber), tomato, onion, lettuce, spices, and optional chili sauce. Pretty amazing, actually, and not even three Euros!



Aber was mir am wichtigsten ist…

Check it out. Der Meister selbst.

Wagner’s house was literally the first thing pointed out to us when we stepped off the bus into downtown Würzburg the first night. And then I knew I was in the right place, for sure! I had forgotten that he lived here for a short time while composing his first opera, Die Feen. Here’s the whole building:

We walk past it every morning on our way to our classroom.

There’s also another building with his name on it that we pass in the bus every time we leave the apartments…

Also eine wunderschöne Stadt, oder?

Anreise und erster Tag

Hallo hallo! Viele schöne Grüße von Deutschland! I apologize for the delay–internet is hard to come by here. K.H. and I arrived in Frankfurt at 9am Germany time, which felt like 3am. We found the rest of the group and traveled with the highspeed train (first class!) to Würzburg, in a weird mixture of exhaustion, exhilaration, and overstimulation.

The city is gorgeous. It is surrounded by wine farmers and lies on the banks of the Main river. The downtown area sits across the river from the Marienberg, a fortress built in the Middle Ages. Here is a picture of the view from the train, coming in:

And here is the place where we dined (and wined!) the first night, previously an old brewery. The restaurant was on the bottom floor, with high-backed chairs and low ceilings. One could quite easily imaging Goethe there, drinking beer and writing Faust…

Note the date the place was built on the above photo….

…And unfortunately my computer is out of battery. Much more later!  Tschüs!


Where are we headed? Below is a map of Germany, with Würzburg highlighted. It is a small university town in Northern Bavaria.

K.H. and I will be flying into Frankfurt, to the West, this evening. We depart 7pm tonight, fly for nearly eight hours, and arrive in Frankfurt at 3:30am our time, or about 9:30am Germany time. We calculated that we will go some 33 hours without sleep–wish us luck!!

We will also be traveling to Berlin and München (Munich). You can read more about Würzburg and see pictures here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wuerzburg