Cutting grape vines in a flannel shirt from Vermont in a vineyard on the banks of the Rhine River, with thousand-year-old castle ruins in the background. Sometimes it is possible to get the miraculousness of existence into a photograph.

My name is Emily Goodling. I’m an American farm girl turned European graduate student, now pursuing a Ph.D. on the West Coast after two years in Germany. The great dream is to become a professor of German literature and language.

Otherwise, I grew up on a sheep farm and Bed and Breakfast in Vermont, where I drove a rusted-out Chevrolet pick-up truck and know all the words to every country song on the radio. I’m engaged to a sweet German winemaker, and our long-term plan is to unite academia with agrarianism in some form or another.

For the purposes of this blog, I am fascinated by the dialogue between Self, Place, and Art. This is a space to write about traveling, and about the concept of “abroad” in general. What does it mean to live abroad, what does it mean to be home?

At the moment I am most curious about tragedy, dancing, education, Eros, sex, mythos, Plato, German opera, Richard Wagner, literary theory, Roland Barthes, Selbstinszenierung, Shakespeare, postmodernism, Nietzsche, all music, political demonstrations, modern art, theater, Classical languages, Faust, land, farming, joy, feminism, humanism, existentialism, agnosticism, faith, Kierkegaard, Thomas Mann, work.

Sea Stacks on Fårö Island, Gotland, Sweden.

Yoga and Sea Stacks on Fårö Island, Gotland, Sweden.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Yours is a blog bursting with multidimensional joy. Emily’s Germany seems somewhat equivalent to Hemingway’s France/Spain. Enjoy, with no urgency to do anything but enjoy.

  2. I think I bought a wool-felted bird for my daughter from you years ago–when you were much younger, maybe 11 or so. What a glorious life you are making for yourself.

  3. Dear Emily,
    I just bumped into your blog when I was looking for a picture of Goethe’s dormat. And your picture of it is absolutely magnificent: not only the Salve, but with that sun light there, it is amazing! I am very enthusiastic to read your blog, and will do so soon!

    I am Patricia, and I am writing from Brazil. I am very into Goethean Science (check a festival we are celebrating in Brazil at http://www.goethe.com.br), but for now I am just wishing to celebrate my (48 years old!) birthday party. And I would love to use your picture as the “save the date” background for the (of course) Save the Date card I am sending my friends? (salve is a beautiful word in Portuguese: it has several layers), because also Goethe says so much for me. Would you be so kind and allow me to use it?

    With much of joy for finding such a beautiful way of looking, that you seem to have!

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