Travelogue XXVI: And they say the Germans have no sense of humor…

UAB3xLn January 30, 2015 …On a much lighter note, the door I [used to] walk through every day to go to class at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität is going viral. It broke a couple weeks ago, and in good German style a helpful sign was immediately posted: “Door broken. Technician is informed.” And then when nothing happened, some wisecracker put up another sign: “Technician also broken.” It’s all gone downhill from there. 2NJSjn3 4C2ZD8a The door now has its own Facebook page, newspaper article, and viral postings on reddit and imgur (where you can read about the whole thing in English). The absurdity of human existence is absolutely thrilling, sometimes. If the status of the door is keeping you awake at night, you too can stay informed of minute-by-minute developments by clicking this link: Ckr1Hb6 Update: Day 2. Well, that escalated quickly. The door’s Facebook page has some 4,500 likes, it has been featured in a 20 minute segment on local radio, #technikeristinformiert is trending on twitter and instagram, and the Allgemeine Zeitung has taken up the story. I just walked by on my way to the library, and even on a Saturday morning there was a small group of sightseers standing in front of the door…

Meanwhile, on campus things have taken a turn for the philosophical. And political.


This is not a door.


Putin is informed. The door will be annexed.


Nobody has any intention of informing the technician! Spoofing, of course, on Walther Ulbricht’s infamous words from Berlin, 1961: Nobody has any intention of building a wall!


And the saga continues….


8 thoughts on “Travelogue XXVI: And they say the Germans have no sense of humor…

  1. Woe be unto the techniker when he/she finally does arrive :- O Can imagine whistles blowing and cameras rolling…they better show up looking smart…and PERFORM!!!!!

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