Travelogue XIII: Didgeridoo auf dem Marktplatz


30. September, 2014 I have trying to come up with the proper post in which to attach this picture, but in vain. So here it is by itself–a didgeridoo player sitting under a statue of St. Boniface, in front of the thousand-year-old cathedral in downtown Mainz. Bam. I find the juxtaposition delightful.

It seems like there is always something worth seeing in the marketplace. In the past few weeks, I have run across performance by an African band, a runway fashion show, someone blowing car-sized bubbles to the delight of about 30 small children, hundreds of people in Bavarian Tracht (traditional dress) drinking free wine from the local winery (said wine was only for the Bavarians, I was informed, after hopefully trying to procure a glass for myself), the local theater festival complete with an orchestra and people in full costume, and a lecture on quantum physics.

The vitality of it all is rather astonishing to someone who spent the first 22 years of her life in a tiny village of 800 people–lovely and real, indeed, but more sleepy than not.

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