Travelogue VII: Sonntag Spaziergang


17. August, 2014 In Germany, everyone goes walking on Sunday afternoons. Here on the farm, even the animals come–two dogs, two donkeys. We walked through the woods, up to a high field where we could see the whole windswept valley, corn and wheat fields and rows of wind turbines in the distance.

Autumn came all at once last week to Kulmbach–two days of pouring, freezing rain, and now bright sunshine and cold wind. You can tell it’s autumn in Bavaria, we learn one morning at breakfast, when the plums in the garden are no longer warm to the touch. Herr: es ist Zeit. Der Sommer war sehr groß…

IMG_0395Plum tree at the top of the field.

IMG_0397Cut wheat field, wind turbines across the valley. 

IMG_0409Headed home, some tiny Dorf in the distance.

IMG_0399Above the farm, Plassenburg to the right.

When we come out into the field above the farm, there’s a tiny red-roofed dorf on the left, and the local castle, the Plassenburg, on the right. A castle. This constant proximity to 1200-year-old fortresses will never cease to astound me. In Würzburg, the Marienberg was visible from almost any point in the city–no small wonder, to take the bus to the Innenstadt every morning with a castle on the horizon. “Yes, marvelous, but think about everything behind it!” the professor says. “Suppression of the lower classes, cruel feudalism, some prince or other lording it over the masses in the stinking city and hauling up the occasional girl for his enjoyment….” “Sometimes you can think too much,” I say.

IMG_0385Emily mit Esel

In the end, it’s amazing how fast I am falling in love with Bavaria. And not the sort of touristy, there-and-gone in a weekend sort of love, but the sort of love I have for Vermont–deep-seated, rooted in the people, the land, the way of life. I’m almost sorry to be studying in Mainz, all the way over in Rheinland-Pfalz. Still, I am here to learn and see as much as I can, and not to put down roots. In the end, it’s all good.

7 thoughts on “Travelogue VII: Sonntag Spaziergang

  1. Thank you for sharing the beauty you are experiencing!
    I think I know what you are talking about; I felt similarly about the life I had when I lived with relatives over there. It’s a strange feeling now to get homesick for a place where I have never actually lived.
    P.S. Who says you won’t find roots in the Pfalz, too?

  2. Emily the picture of you walking with Esel is priceless :- ) What lovely FUZZY ears she has :- )

    Seems you have found the perfect segue from Vermont to studies in Germany . . . wonderful images . . . of your life!!!

    Best regards, Aunt Sylvia

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