Travelogue IV: Wuerzburg Spaziergang


23. Juli, 2014 In Würzburg, my apartment is high up on the hill above the river, and my patio opens out onto a foot path that leads directly to the vineyards outside of town. In the evening, when the entire Nachbarschaft takes their dog for a walk, it is especially stunning. Since Germany is so northern, it is possible to walk very late and still have bright daylight–it won’t be fully dark till nearly 11. I don’t have too much to say, except that the romantic in me rejoices at all of this.



IMG_0217The vineyards all belong to the Juliusspital, the 16th century winery in the center of town.

IMG_0209Back towards town, one slope is covered with hundreds of Kleingärten–little summer cottages, each with an impeccably kept garden, patio, hammocks hanging on the porch.

IMG_0232Also there are blackberries, which I have taken advantage of almost every day since I found them.


And dessert, on a stone wall covered in honeysuckle. Wine grown very probably on the slopes across the path.



It’s hard to believe I only have a week left here.



4 thoughts on “Travelogue IV: Wuerzburg Spaziergang

  1. Beautiful! Wish we had such a beautiful place to walk in the evening. Loved talking to you today.


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