Germany, Again

wurzburgSo, I’ve been in Germany for two weeks now. It just feels good–everything fits, somehow. I’m happy and grateful. At the moment, I’m in Wuerzburg (above), the small town in Bavaria where my undergraduate institution runs a study abroad program. I’m serving as my professor’s assistant, reading, cooking, drinking wine, sitting in cafes and staring at gorgeous old buildings, and generally enjoying feeling stress-free and (academically) irresponsible for the first time in nearly four years.

It feels a little strange to write about Wuerzburg, since I completed the same summer program two summers ago as a student and documented it all extensively then. You can see all those posts here–expect at least a few Wuerzburg entries at some point, though.

In the meantime, however, we’ve been to Munich….

4 thoughts on “Germany, Again

  1. Emily, Sounds interesting and fun and that you are enjoying yourself. I hope the weather is good and you are able to get around and do everything you want to do. My brother, who was in the Navy during the Vietnam War was stationed on the Rhine River Patrol was right across the river from Wuertzburg. He said it was very beautiful there and he has always wanted to go back to visit, but his wife won’t fly.

    Not too much going on at our house. It has been a good summer so far. We are sitting on our new deck tonight reading the Sunday paper and just relaxing. We had planned to go to a band concert tonight,but it was canceled because of the threat of rain. It hasn’t rained! I finished knitting a pair of socks last night and your mom sent me a pair of unfinished socks she was making and ran out of yarn. I took them out to Mannings and they found some yarn that is almost the same color and I’m finishing them. I think she will be surprise how close the color is.

    Good to hear from you. We think of you everyday and say a few prayers for you. Love and kisses form Granny and Poppy.


  2. EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are wondering if you watched the soccer match
    Fantastisches Fußballspiel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know better than to try skyping you now but am encouraging Grammy and Aunt Laura to check in with you tomorrow . . . just in case you have some wild tales to tell of turning over cars in the street . . . or something tamer?!?!? No . . . many things wilder?!?!?!? Lv, Auntie Sylvia

    P.S. Liebe Deine kleine Stadt

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