Und noch weiter….


So apparently I just graduated from college. And apparently I am leaving for Germany again in a month. What??!!

I’ll be using this space again to post pictures and things. Keep in touch.

My journeys this time around will be much more long-term–I’ll be getting a two-year Masters in Comparative Literature, under the auspices of the DAAD. I still don’t know exactly where I will be studying, but I should be finding that out within the next couple months.

In July, though, I will be in Germany working as the assistant of my beloved professor, helping to run the same study abroad program I participated in two years ago. And then on to hunt for an opera ticket at Bayreuth….and then on to work on a farm in Bavaria….and then to start school again!

I’m terrified and thrilled.

Gaudeamus igitur!

One thought on “Und noch weiter….

  1. Dear Emily,

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are SO proud of you! I shall eagerly await your postings as you prepare AND launch the next chapter in your exciting life! We look forward to spending a few hours with Kim and Luke as they start to launch the next chapter in Luke’s life! Have fun with Aunt Sylvia and Grammy in North Carolina. Know that I carry you in my heart! Much love, Great Aunt Laura

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