Würzburg: Loreena McKennit


Yes, Anna, I am eternally grateful to you for finding the tickets and forcing me to buy one. Yes, I am very, very sorry you couldn’t come too…..

…A favorite singer in the Goodling household is Loreena McKennitt–sort of Irish, sort of world-music, very much inspired by travel and literature, from Homer to Dante to Shakespeare. She also hardly ever does concert tours, which is why my sister pretty much freaked out when she saw that she would be singing all over Germany, July 2012. And Würzburg was a stop on the tour! Talk about amazing timing.


And therefore I found myself last Sunday in a beautiful outdoor theater at the Festung Marienberg, Loreena McKennitt ticket in hand. First, though, I walked all around the castle gardens…

…and had a picnic. Yes, that is a Brie sandwich, local wine, and the best chocolate in Germany.

More gardens. This was over on the other side of the mountain, outside the castle walls. There were dozens of summer cottages like the one you see in the photo, each with a tiny vegetable garden, flower beds, and fruit trees.



…and then back to the concert grounds, backed by the Festung walls.

I had a standing room ticket, and had luckily arrived early enough to get a spot just a few meters from the stage.

And because I promised, here are the videos. They aren’t very good, not least because the No-Camera Security Guy was standing three feet away from me. Seriously Anna, I could have been killed right there…..



Needless to say, it was wonderful. Nothing can beat the excitement of live music. There was much dancing, clapping, and smooching. Lots of smooching.

Loreena played the piano, harp, keyboard, and accordion. She is very down-to-earth and looks rather older than in her clips on youtube, not at all super-star-ish. Her beautiful singing voice is the same. One interesting point–we didn’t hear any new music. I believe her last CD came out in 2006…I wonder if she is still writing. I certainly hope so.

3 thoughts on “Würzburg: Loreena McKennit

  1. If anyone would like to know what Anna looks like as she’s dying of jealousy, come visit right about now. *cough*

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Ok, I’m getting up early tomorrow and watching all these videos. And Em, I’m glad you weren’t killed *right there* …but. I would have killed you right HERE if you hadn’t taken any videos at all…hehehe.
    Ohmygoodness. …*sigh* …<3 ❤ ❤
    *institutes moment of awed silence*
    …*forgets the awed silence and goes for a moment of fangirl-ish screaming instead* =D …jk. =P

    …O_o Em? who were YOU smooching?? O_o

    And that wine bottle is adorable. You need to bring me a german wine bottle. *nods* =D

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