Kiliani Volksfest

The Irish monk St. Kiliani is the patron saint of Würzburg, where he worked as missionary in the 7th century. One can find statues and buildings dedicated to him throughout the city. A two-week long Volkfest is held in his honor every July, basically a country fair with music, rides, local food, and of course much beer. We walked across the bridge one evening last week to visit.

Lots of amazing food….the gebrannte Mandeln (roasted candied almonds) were especially delicious.

Many of the young people wore the traditional Bavarian clothing–Dirndl for the ladies, Lederhosen for the gentlemen. It is a picturesque and lovely tradition, although it clashed somewhat with the American pop music playing on all the rides.

…Below, the view looking back to the city later that evening, from the Beer garden on the other side of the river, where one can sit and drink wine from the slopes of the hills behind.


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