Für Anna

Hallo Meine Schwester! Since you already stalked my Youtube page this is old hat…but look what we found playing in downtown Munich, at 11:30pm! THE musical! I restrained myself from breaking out in song.

Also, here’s a few random pictures of Ballet in Munich. I bet Roberto Bolle, or whatever his name is, dances here.

Dr. G. and I, and hopefully others, are going to see PILOBOLUS in Berlin…look them up. They come to Dartmouth every year, and are apparently fantastic (modern dance).

4 thoughts on “Für Anna

  1. Hey man. That’s what you get for putting videos in a PUBLIC youtube account…When I played the one of the street musicians, after it finished a bunch of other videos you had posted showed up. SO I CLICKED ON ONE. -_-
    And plus, I’m just a stalker. =)
    …they were actually playing the musical? Or…like just the music? O_o Agh. I would have broken in.

    And I don’t know any German dancers…I need to look that up. =D I just know about Russian ones XD Epiccccccccccccc. O_O So prettyyyyyyy.

  2. Ms. Em! Please tell us your impressions of Pilobolus! Have seen several of their youtubes and they are amazing!

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