Anreise und erster Tag

Hallo hallo! Viele schöne Grüße von Deutschland! I apologize for the delay–internet is hard to come by here. K.H. and I arrived in Frankfurt at 9am Germany time, which felt like 3am. We found the rest of the group and traveled with the highspeed train (first class!) to Würzburg, in a weird mixture of exhaustion, exhilaration, and overstimulation.

The city is gorgeous. It is surrounded by wine farmers and lies on the banks of the Main river. The downtown area sits across the river from the Marienberg, a fortress built in the Middle Ages. Here is a picture of the view from the train, coming in:

And here is the place where we dined (and wined!) the first night, previously an old brewery. The restaurant was on the bottom floor, with high-backed chairs and low ceilings. One could quite easily imaging Goethe there, drinking beer and writing Faust…

Note the date the place was built on the above photo….

…And unfortunately my computer is out of battery. Much more later!  Tschüs!

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