Where are we headed? Below is a map of Germany, with Würzburg highlighted. It is a small university town in Northern Bavaria.

K.H. and I will be flying into Frankfurt, to the West, this evening. We depart 7pm tonight, fly for nearly eight hours, and arrive in Frankfurt at 3:30am our time, or about 9:30am Germany time. We calculated that we will go some 33 hours without sleep–wish us luck!!

We will also be traveling to Berlin and München (Munich). You can read more about Würzburg and see pictures here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wuerzburg


5 thoughts on “Würzburg

  1. Bon voyage and have a wonder-filled trip, Emily! God speed and many blessings as you travel! Great Aunt Laura

  2. Emily called this morning (Sunday 9:00 am) to let us know that she arrived safely, was staying in a Bohemian-style, no-frills college dorm room, was speaking lots and lots of German, and has a group dinner date this evening…………at the castle…………fun!!

  3. Okay Ms. Em! We have given you a day of travel, day of rest, day of experience . . . . . . now give us some scoop 🙂 We anxiously await your first impressions!!! Love, Aunt Sylvia
    P.S I hope you are inviting over students for your usual tea-time and study talks . . . maybe there is an interesting pastry shop with goodies to entice your new friends over?!??!?

  4. Meine Schwester! =D
    I don’t know enough German to ramble yet -_- I hope you’re having fun! I decided what I want you to bring me by way of a souvenir – eine Deutsche Katze! Assuming that was the right grammar. Just don’t tell Mother Dearest. O_o
    Tschuss! ❤

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